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Our Story

Our Story

The Hebridean Food Company was established by Douglas Stewart, a lobster fisherman’s son from the Isle of North Uist. His passion for the Hebrides started from an early age on fishing boats, weekends spent sorting lobsters and helping his granddad out with the sheep. His passion now is to let everyone enjoy a small slice of the Hebrides.

The Hebridean Food Company

Through The Hebridean Food Company, Douglas’s vision is to deliver a truly Hebridean experience of food so fresh, it’s bursting with flavour. Our organically reared cattle are a fine example, grazing on uninhabited tidal islands in summer and the sparse heather hills the beef has an exquisite depth of flavour and texture. 

The Hebridean landscape
"A true taste experience, our organically reared, slowly matured dry aged Hebridean beef truly delivers on flavour."
Douglas Stewart
The Hebridean Food Company

We believe our shellfish is some of the best available, not just because it’s Hebridean, but because of our obsession with quality, traceability and sustainability. Having an almost untouched environment and the Atlantic Ocean knocking on our door means we catch some of the purest and most sought-after shellfish around. As such a small island, we can’t help but know all the fishermen by name, and on Uist fishing is a family matter, always leaving room for the next generation on our small creel fishing boats.

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