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In 2016 we opened our own production kitchen with the aim to make some of the best products available using carefully sourced local ingredients.

Our simple aim is to bring to life our food through the passion for our home, the people, the history. From our small-scale fishermen to our hardy crofters, soul is in the very bones of what we do. Slowly grown food, bursting with character and community at its very heart. We have created our products so that they are never over processed, using plenty of meat and packed with hearty vegetables. Working with a world class chef we have created a fantastic range of seafood soups.

Bacon Leek and Potato

We have aimed to embody the true spirit of the Hebrides in our packaging, demonstrating the landscape and environment which makes our products so special

The Hebridean landscape
"A true taste experience, our organically reared, slowly matured dry aged Hebridean beef truly delivers on flavour."
Douglas Stewart
Cullen Skink

Handcrafted small batches are the very principle of what we do best, just like you’d make them at home. From our slowly simmered rich Lobster bisque to our Hebridean beef, ale & barley soup, made in a time honoured traditional method to ensure they pack a punch when it comes to flavour.

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