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Juniper & Orange Seared Loin of Marinated Venison, Fondant, Smoked Carrot Purée & Red Wine Jus

A delicious recipe for our venison loin, with a burst of citrus and the warmth of juniper spice.


Serves 4


800g venison loin, centre cannon

15ml rapeseed oil

1 orange for zest & juice

6 juniper berries, finely crushed

2g fresh rosemary, chopped

Maldon sea salt

Freshly-milled black pepper



Pound the orange zest, juniper and rosemary in a pestle and mortar

Roll the venison in the oil

Season the venison with salt & pepper, then cover with the paste mix

Place in a vacuum pack bag

Add the orange juice & seal

Cook sous vide at 55C for 45 minutes, reserve hot



4 fondant potatoes

160g smoked carrot purée

200ml red wine jus


To serve

Remove the venison loin from the bag & sauté in oil & butter until golden brown

Heat the fondant potatoes, reserve

Heat the smoked carrot puree & red wine jus

Place the fondant potato to one side of the plate

Spoon the smoked carrot purée onto the plate

Slice the venison loin on an angle and arrange on the plate

Drizzle with the red wine jus

Garnish with a sprig rosemary

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