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Thai Style Mussels

A quick and easy supper recipe that's bursting with flavour.


Serves 2


1kg fresh mussels, debearded

50gms chopped shallots

50ml white wine

15gms lemon grass cut on an angle

1 small red chilli cut into roundels

10gms chopped coriander

1 pkt Hebridean Pimento sauce

Hebridean sea salt to taste

Cracked black pepper to taste

Cook the mussels as for mariniere style but with the white wine, shallots, lemon grass, chilli roundels and coriander over a hot heat with a lid on

Once the shells begin to open, pour in the Hebridean pimento sauce, bring to the boil

Once all the shells are fully open they are ready, remove from the heat and reserve hot

To serve

Take two hot large pasta style bowls

Divide the mussels between the two bowls

Spoon over the pimento sauce

Sprinkle with chopped coriander

Serve immediately

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