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Venison Haunch Steaks, Quick-fried with Béarnaise Sauce & Fries

A delicious recipe made using our venison haunch steaks. Perfect for a simple supper.


Serves 4


4x 180g venison haunch steaks

600g French fries

160ml béarnaise sauce

4 Portobello mushrooms

4 branches cherry vine tomatoes

40ml rapeseed oil

40g butter

5g rosemary & thyme

Maldon sea salt & freshly-milled black pepper



Season the steaks & cook rare, reserve warm

Heat the oven to 180C, roast off the mushroom & tomato in the oven with oil, butter, salt & pepper

Cook the fries, drain & season


To serve

Place the fries in a chip cup to one side of the plate

Garnish with mushroom & tomato

Fill the béarnaise into 4 small pots

Place the venison steak on the plate, garnish with rosemary & thyme

Serve immediately


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